Design Dash

Production / Github

React, Backbone, Google Custom Images API

This project was a further extension of Color Palette and my final project for The Iron Yard.

If you have ever been stuck on where to begin designing or communicating your vision for a website or app, Design Dash is a lightweight prototyping tool built to delight and aid in the aesthetic process.

Begin by searching for anything that inspires you. A custom color palette will be generated based on the results of your image search.

From there, choose amongst curated font collections and icon sets.

View a simulation of your project on a mobile device that is scalable to instantly toggle between multiple screen sizes and view types.

When you are satisfied with your chosen colors, fonts, and icons, export a CSS SASS file pre-loaded with your selections to jump start your project, or hand off to a developer.

Color Palette

Production / Github

React, Backbone, Google Custom Images API

Enter a keyword to search for an image. A custom color palette is generated based on the results.

Blog Platform

Production / Github

React, Backbone, Firebase

Blog platform that allows users to authenticate via email and password, create a post, and view their posts as a list. Users can also view a list of the posts that belong to all users of the app.

When writing a post, the text area dynamically resizes height based on content thanks to React Textarea Autosize.

To-Do List

Production / Github

React, Backbone, Firebase

Interactive to-do list that allows a user to enter items, change status by selecting from the dropdown, and delete items. User may also toggle between different views by selecting the corresponding view button at the top.

Color Clock

Production / Github


Clock that converts current time into hex value and manipulates the radial background gradient to shift color as it ticks.

Flexbox Mondrian

Production / Github

Flexbox, SASS

Recreate of a Mondrian painting using CSS Flexbox written in SASS.


Sketch (UI)

User Interface design for Knomatic software (enterprise web app).