Color Inspiration: Mexico City

Last month, I visited a friend living in Mexico City. It was the perfect escape from winter weather–sunshine, high temperatures in the 70s, lush esplanades, bright mangoes with chili powder, wonderful art, stunning historic sights, and of course, MEZCAL!

The food alone is worth a trip to Mexico City if none of the above peaks your interest. I had escamoles (ant larvae) on guacamole spread over thick corn tortillas, spicy salsas from all sort of peppers, delicate tuna tostadas, and mole sauces so complex they were a treat in and of themselves.

Even in January, the colors of the city are vibrant. This palette is anchored by the ultramarine blue of the Frida Kahlo Museum housed in her & Diego Rivera’s former abode. The dusty tan reflects the pyramids of Teotihuacan, and the greens are reminiscent of the abundance of flora and fauna. It would be difficult to say what doesn’t grow well in this climate, even under pale January sunlight (leftmost color in the palette).