Color of the Year 2017

I started my own Smith Color of the Year last year in response to Pantone's inability to name one color of the year. (2016 was an odd year in many ways.)

However this year, they were able to select a color, and they chose Greenery or PANTONE 15-0343. It's not a very rich green, more yellow toned than anything. Now, I do like green, and get where they are going with this, though I'm not crazy about the hue they chose.

This did inspire my pick this year, so without further ado, my pick for Smith Color of the year 2017:


Yep. This year's black is Pantone Black 3, which you can see is a green-black.

From left to right, here is last year's color, Pantone Black 6, true black, and this year's.