Best Developer + Design Takeaways 2016

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Looking back at my design and development takeaways from 2015 seems much farther away than just a year.

A lot, a lot, happened this year, some good, some bad, but one consistent factor for me was a growth trajectory in my programming learning.

This past January, I went on a trip to Dubai and shoved as much javascript reading in my head as I could fit on a 15-hour plane ride.

February began school at The Iron Yard, and three months went by the blink of an eye.

In May, I went to the AIGA national board retreat and Space City JS. I also applied for my current job which entailed a tough code challenge and a few rounds of interviews.

June, I went to NYC for a small break before starting work on July 1 (it was actually a Friday, which I am now a firm believer is the best day of the week to begin a new job).

Over the first 3 months, I hunkered down and absorbed. I went on two short trips back to NYC and to New Orleans.

In October, we outgrew our warehouse on the east side of town and moved into a shiny new space. Now that it is December, I feel like I've found my spot.

Takeaways 2016


People ignore design that ignores people. — Frank Chimero

I heard that quote at the AIGA leadership retreat, and it really stuck with me. No explanation needed.


S H I T .

There is still so much to learn.

And that is terrifyingly exciting.