In My Head 12/30/16


Ractive, JS and a little Perl this week. I built a dashboard for our software at work. More on that soon.


Cracking the impossible staircase for an illustration that's been stuck in my head since November.


I finished a book cover for my friend and personal trainer. It was technically a spin on artwork she already had from a previous designer who was using a graphic AND COULDN'T ATTRIBUTE THE SOURCE. Needless to say, designers, do not use graphics you didn't create without permission. Thx. 💁


How to product-ize. Ramit Sethi shares some great tips. Mostly intrigued with his notion of not catering to the market.


Sing-Sing. The joy in this couple's work shines through their projects. Enjoyed the recent campaign they did for Headspace (also one of my favorite apps).


I had the opportunity to interview Sean Carney, Chief Design Officer of Philips, for an article I just wrapped up (set to publish soon on The Next Web). He spoke with me via phone from his office in the Netherlands. Not only was he a pleasure to interview, but his passion and intelligently applied design thinking methodologies are pushing the company and fellow designers forward in a global market.