1 Month at Work: Education Paying Off

Hello, world.

New career! Emotions vacillated greatly as there was a lot to take in and learn, including new programming languages, system architecture, and collaborating with a team of developers.

It is a little crazy to think that just six months ago, I started at The Iron Yard, basically a blank slate in code knowledge. However, I knew there would be value in the end, when I could demonstrate both skill sets and weave programming and design together.

Now, on the other side, I'm extremely happy to report things have already begun to pay off in significant measures.

Tangible ROI:

  1. Being employed.1
  2. Attaining a job in the field I went to school for.
  3. Attaining a position as software developer–writing code & problem solving while peppering in my UX/UI background.

Intangible ROI:

  1. No limit to learning.
  2. Never fucking bored at work.
  3. Code is my new medium. I feel like it has opened up many creative paths.

I look forward to reporting progress and all the new jams in the coming months. I'll write another post after three months have passed specifically about the werk werk werk journey.

  1. I fucking love my job. This was the only job I applied for. I really, really had my heart set on it. Yes, I worked hard over the last few months to get here, but this is also a testament to The Iron Yard Houston. Couldn't have gotten here without you guys. 💁