Color Inspiration: Mint

Hands down, my favorite hue as of late is mint. I'm so into this color, that it has trickled into my tennis shoe collection.

I was in Brooklyn last week and visited MatchaBar way more than necessary, but admired the mint halftones and delightful wrap-around illustrations of their to-go cups.

Mint is somewhere between green and blue on the color wheel and isn't heavily saturated. I like the out-of-gamut flavors and am not partial to either tinge (blue-base or green-base). Some of my favorite mints via Coolors:

Which makes me think of my ol' Design Dash and this search with palette:

A complementary pair I enjoy is a red-hot orange. This sounds wacky, but if I were using this palette to design an interface, I'd put it in for an accent, anchored by white and a steel gray.

Mint also looks great with other shades of green, especially cooler shades, both light and dark. Here it is with a made-up app I'm calling Plants. I love the juxtaposition of an actual photograph with a range of green tones.

iPhone PSD mockups courtesy of @rtralrayhan,