The Iron Yard, Code School Week 12/12


Final Project pt 3.

Start to finish details: Week 10 and Week 11 along with this post.

Week Digest

Finished my final project and showed it off during demo day.


Last few days until demo day, I almost have my dynamic mobile preview set. I had originally created the preview with an iframe, but realized I was solving the wrong problem. I replaced the iframe with a regular <div> and mobile preview is done and working as I had hoped. This also forced me to have a better understanding of life-cycle methods.


The final piece of my project is a dynamically generated CSS/SASS file pre-loaded with the fonts and swatches a user has selected. I spent a lot of today researching how I could do this. I had already rendered the same information to the mobile preview component, so I had what I needed content-wise as variables. I knew there were a few ways to go about this, but using a Blob constructor was the direction I chose.

I also created my own icons for each view of my app in Illustrator:


We had our first round of MVP demos in front of the campus director, instructors, and both the front-end and back-end classes. Honestly, I was more nervous about all of the attention and eyes on my project today than Friday (demo day). However, I'm happy with the progress of my project and that I was able to include the features I had intended. The feedback from everyone was positive, despite my lack-luster presentation. I wrote SASS file to be output as a JavaScript string and connected it to the blob url. I published my project on Heroku here.


Demo day eve! We had another round of MVP demos for the same crowd. I was excited to have the final component, the dynamic SASS file, implemented. It definitely elicited an extra wow-factor and drove home the practical use-case for my project. I decided to bring my iMac in for demo day tomorrow, so I spent the evening making sure my project was responsive for large screen sizes.


Demo day! It was a packed house. I had my iMac and MacBook so people could do their own image searches if they felt inclined. I received a great response and luckily everything went smoothly–no hi-cups with internet speed or anything within my demo. I had a great time and hope to keep improving my project after today.

Some of my favorite searches and color palettes from today are here.