The Iron Yard, Code School Week 9/12

Beginning of the End of the Beginning

This was the last week of instructional classroom time. From here on out, we are working (with minor hand-holding) on our final projects.

Week Digest

Over the last few days, we spent a little bit of time working with databases. We added data persistence to an existing project, which for me was a simple, to-do list app:

The project was built using React for views, Backbone for routing, and Firebase to store list items for a particular user. (Production version here.)

The assignment for the later half of the week was to create a blog platform that allowed users to authenticate via email and password, write a post, then view their posts as a list. The bonus round was to create a view that allowed a user to view their posts and all the posts of other users.

Of Use

I love the clean UI of Medium, and wanted to replicate the autosizing of the text input as it removes the distraction of a bound field from the user. I wanted to create the effect of limitless post length/page height. When writing a post, the text area dynamically resizes height based on content thanks to React Textarea Autosize.