The Iron Yard, Code School Week 7/12


This week was a big one. Much anticipated incorporation of React!

Week Digest

We replaced the view in our model-view-controller architecture pattern with React and continued practicing with Backbone for routing.

Using Etsy's API, we re-built an Etsy-like site populated by current item listings with the ability to drill into detail views all handled by the router.

We also began using a more elaborate build system for our projects, allowing us to more easily import and incorporate node packages.

Let's Talk About Sketch, Baby

I was very excited to have the opportunity to present a basics & features overview of Bohemian Coding's Sketch to my fellow classmates. A few of them had previously asked me what program(s) I used as a designer, so I prepared a few assets showing off the capabilities of the program and helpful plugins.

I created two fast mockups of both a desktop website and mobile interface for a hypothetical game called Unicorn Spottr (🦄 ...because of that rare designer-developer "unicorn" combination). I demonstrated the workflow for creating both including visualizing to scale using Mirror.

Of Use

Favorite 3 Sketch plugins: