The Iron Yard, Code School Week 3/12

Learning patterns, strengths and weaknesses are beginning to surface amongst the 13 of us in class together. For me personally, last week, week two (a.k.a. 😤😱🔫💻💔🔥), was the biggest challenge. I think this was because we were introduced to Javascript abstracted from the browser. Don't get me wrong, I'm now on the other side of that tunnel and grateful we were taught that way. Manipulating the DOM and working in the browser is now our present reality, but I'm happy the distraction of visual representations was not a part of the equation last week, especially because I am a very visual learner and often lean on that expressly.

Week Digest

We took the tools from last week and built real-time, practical functions in JS at the beginning of the week. Towards the end of the week, we incorporated event-listeners, so lots of, when this button is clicked, this thing happens.

Nerd-Out Moment! Honestly, this week was exciting. I realize that sounds MASSIVELY geeky, but there were so many revelatory moments in my code this week that I sat back and said to myself, "Oh, that's why we learned that!" Thanks to my teacher and T.A. for all the extra problem sets to really hammer stuff into our brains.

Of Use

I did spend a chunk of time on Stack-Overflow this week, but that's a given on any programmer's journey (novice to advanced). We are presently coding a clock running on top of a gradient background that transitions with time. There are a number of CSS gradient generators out there that all function the same, some more current on their UI than others (and holy-guacamole). Interesting to see how CSSMatic stores the values of your gradient in it's URL.

Best distraction, one of my classmates showed me the Panda extension for Chrome and now I have delightful development and design updates each time I open a new window or tab.

P.S.- How did people live before Chrome Dev Tools?