The Iron Yard, Code School Week 2/12

Fast-forward to JavaScript

This week was a dramatic departure from the land of HTML and CSS. ⏭

Week Digest

Monday, we jumped into learning JS by writing function callbacks. We largely practiced if/else and comparison operators.

Wednesday, we incorporated for and while loops and used them to iterate over arrays and strings.

By Friday, we were working with objects and combining our skills from the previous days.

As I'm re-capping this, it doesn't seem like a ton to absorb, but we escalated quickly and wrote a ton of functions to drill patterns and syntax into our brains. On homework assignments alone, I think I wrote about 75 functions last week, which is well...75 more than I wrote last week.

Of Use

Also, Friday, we had an excellent CSS framework/design talk by Matt. Relevant design/dev inspo here.