The Iron Yard, Code School Week 1/12

...or 0/11

Depending on how you look at it.

Why Code School

I've written about why I decided to change my career path and impressions of my first day, but I never elaborated on why code school. Pretty straightforward–I knew I wanted to become a developer and I wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

Could I have learned all this on my own? Possibly.

Would it have taken me years to learn what I am cramming into 12 weeks at The Iron Yard? Yes.

Okay, maybe not years, but who knows? I was learning a bit of programming at previous jobs, but I wasn't committed full-time to it. I've challenged myself to code more this first week than the last year.

Week Digest

Getting cozy working in terminal We set up files and directories from the command line and wrote a shell script to automate a basic setup for new projects including boilerplate HTML.

HTML We covered HTML elements and structure and created a pretty ugly (but functional!) photo grid.

CSS Basics We ran through CSS selectors and rules, and implemented them in our builds of a few common website structures (blog, timeline, form, and more).

Responsive Behavior We set up media queries to adjust our projects for mobile/tablet viewing.

Git We began creating git repositories from the command line and pushing our projects to GitHub, creating branches, publishing to gh-pages, etc.

CSS Ninja Moves We used pseudo selectors and transforms to do a lot of fancy things like rotate an image in space, create tool-tips, and more interactions. We created a layout for retail and I couldn't resist using the most amazing shirts I could find on the internet in my example site.

Useful Stuffs