Uber Rebrand

Yesterday I received an email from Uber, alerting me of the company's rebrand and imploring me to peek at this video giving insight into their philosophy.

Subjective opinions aside, this is the Uber app icon before re-design on the left, and the new icon, on the right:

On the whole, the interface of the app hasn't changed much outside of the splash and load screens. Gone is the single blinking dot and sonar rings. The old U with it's segmented top has been eliminated entirely. Again, the old is pictured on the left, new on the right.

Uber has created different colors and patterns for countries and cities, drivers and passengers. Different arrays greet you depending on which portal and where you access the app.

Here are two screenshots of the new pattern as the app loads:

Interestingly, Uber took on the rebrand entirely in-house. Whether you are stylistically on board or not, props to Uber for spreading the word of the importance of design and the impact it can have on a global brand.

Read a more in-depth article of the rebrand on Wired.