Creative Cloud UI Comparison

The latest round of updates to the Creative Cloud suite brought modern UI updates reflecting a lighter, more "web-app" interface.

Most notably, the tool icons, buttons, and dropdown menus have been given a more flat treatment. Bouncing between the newest up-to-date version on my MacBook Pro vs. the previous update on my iMac, the changes are very apparent, especially in dialog boxes.

The dialog for creating a new PSD file is complete with rounded buttons and the removal of shadows for depth.

The latest Photoshop new PSD creation dialog:

The prior release (same dialog):

Two years ago, Adobe gave an overhaul of darker color schemes to many of it's programs, especially Photoshop and InDesign (which used to be mostly white). It was a stark and sleek change, but the dialog for the prior release was still a remnant of the days of Photoshop past.

The latest Photoshop workspace UI:

Versus the previous release:

It's difficult to see, but this zoom shows the side by side of the new UI to the tool set. The new tools are much more pared-down. Note the Eraser tool at the top.

Adobe has also introduced what they refer to as Start dialogs for easily accessing and jumping back into previous projects.

Read more about the latest CC update and features here.