Make a Basic Bitch Website Using TextEdit in 5 Simple Steps

All you need to make basic website is TextEdit, browser, and a little bit of code.

1. TextEdit

Open up TextEdit and make sure you are working in Plain Text format (not Rich Text).

2. Declaration

First, give your website a declaration letting the browser know how to interpret your code.

<!DOCTYPE html>

3. HTML: Structure and Content

HTML tags live between <> and most1 require both an opening and closing tag, written <tag> and </tag>. Structure your page with a head and body:

<head>Head of your webpage!</head>

<body>Body of your webpage!</body>

The <head> of your site holds important information about the site, like the <title>, metadata, and more.

The <body> holds the content. Put some text between paragraph <p> tags. Add images with <img> tags and make headings stand out with sizes ranging from <h1> through <h6>. Here is a reference guide for many common HTML tags.

4. CSS: Style

CSS can enhance the look of your site beyond simple text and it lives between {}.

You can link to an external CSS document, but you can also add CSS in the <head> of your site between <style> tags. Make sure your CSS properties correspond with the element you want to style. For example, to make the paragraph text red:

p { color: red; }

Here is a list of common CSS properties.

5. Open in a Browser

Go to your favorite browser, navigate to File > Open to preview your site!

  1. Some tags are self closing, like images.