Latest Tech News in 5 Minutes or Less

There are a TON of fantastic sources of tech news out there, but these are the four I check in less than five minutes each day. First, why is it important to keep a pulse on the tech world?

  • Keep an Eye on Competition: When I worked for a startup, this was crucial. Keeping track of emerging competitors was very much a part of the product and marketing team's weekly reports. We found a number of companies with similar strategies and products and were able to run a competitive analysis (sometimes covertly) to mine for information that inspired some of our features and designs.

  • Jobs: Searching for a job in tech or looking at what's out there? Doing your research and being informed is a differentiator.

  • Investing: Whether or not you personally invest in established tech giants or emerging tech, it's interesting to see the growth and makeup of the companies that shape our economy. Go back in time on Fortune 500 to see the difference between now and twenty years ago.

Again, these are the four sources I visit each day for a quick digest, from light & easy to more in-depth:

  • Product Hunt From apps, to games, to productivity, to hacks, and more, Product Hunt curates daily lists from the best of the best and even delivers to your inbox. One day's list may include the latest social media power tools and another could be mac apps to improve your day. Products are constantly up-voted by enthusiasts like you and I so it is easy to see what's trending.

  • Index Index curates headlines from all over the web to create a customized digest for you. You choose what topics interest you and can filter news by companies you follow.

  • Wired Wired reports on a breadth of topics including tech, design, and entertainment, but also comments on cultural impacts. (Also, in printed form)

  • Blooomberg Technology Bloomberg provides comprehensive and leading coverage. Plus, last year's punchy redesign puts an emphasis on visual story-telling that sets them apart from other stodgy sources.